Here's the true story of how a desperate for pain-relief computer user, suffering from mind-numbing pain in her neck, back, shoulders and wrists finally found a solution to help permanently ease the constant pain from using her computer -- after nothing else worked!

  • Without habit-forming pain killers that don't fix the problem...
  • Without taking any new fangled 'miracle' herbal supplements...
  • Without resorting expensive prescription anti-inflammatory drugs... and
  • Without resorting to painful, expensive, and possibly life threatening surgery!

Dear Friend In Pain,

If you experience pain from using your computer/laptop/ipad/gameboy or your mobile phone/blackberry and are seeking true pain relief, here's something that's critically important for you to know. And...

Please be aware that the quality of your future health may depend on it.

If you are ready to finally rid yourself of: the nagging tingling, burning spikes of pain and increasing numbness in your neck, back, shoulders, arms, wrists, fingers and thumbs...
then please listen closely what I have to say.

If you need to take back control of your life and re-gain the ability to work on your computer-related devices in comfort again -- I have a solution that may work for you. But first...

I have a 'shocking personal story' to share with you...

Hi, my name is Christine Clayfield.

My true story of how I used to suffer from 'permanent, irreparable damage  I've done to my body from working at my computer for hours and hours on end -- without a break - is painfully true.

If it happened to me...

"It" could easily happen to you or one of your loved ones!

If you have been over-working or over-playing on your computer related devices and you have tried everything to ease the pain, with little to no pain relief...
Then, you need to understand the danger of 'doing irreversible harm to your body' --
harm that no pill, injection, physical therapy or even surgery can cure

Why working for long hours without a break can ruin your health and how

my world came crashing down when...

My doctor told me the horrible truth.

"You must stop working like a maniac on your computer or you'll be in a wheelchair in 10 years time!"

I am a full time Internet Marketer; for the last 7 years I have been working non-stop over 16 hours a day as I've been building my online business. I used to suffer from severe neck, back, leg, shoulder, head, wrist or finger pain. (How I experienced permanent, life-changing pain relief is revealed later in this page.)

My doctor preaches to me to take better care of myself -- or I'll suffer the consequences!

I know I have no choice but to reduce the time I work on my online business. It's either that or I'll end up in a wheelchair by the time I'm 62 and ready to retire. (Right now I'm only 52!)

Believe me, I have learned the hard way. For years I sat working on my computer for way too many hours in the wrong position, in the wrong chair, without any breaks. On some days...

I would switch my computer on at 8am and work until 1am!

I always thought that an office environment is a place with very low risk of injury -- boy was I was wrong! 

I had the shock of my life when my doctor told me the incredible pain I was suffering was from permanent damage I had sustained from working on a computer!

I was guilty of over-working for too long on my computer with bad posture and out-dated (non-ergonomic) office equipment -- and failing to take proper health breaks caused me considerable pain and resulted in --  irreparable damage to my spine and vertebrae.

My punishment for NOT taking breaks whilst working on my computer:

I have been diagnosed with cervical spondolysis (a non-curable condition) in my neck, with disc space between C5, C6 and C7 most affected. Want proof? See the images on the right. Here is a picture of my neck’s x-ray and MRI scan.


You can see on the first picture the space between disc C5 and C6 is thinner than all the other spaces. The second picture shows a bulging disc pushing pressure on the spinal cord and its nerves fibers. Permanent nerve damage and severe pain can result when a bulging disc in the neck is compressing a nerve for a long period of time.

I cannot work on the computer as much as I would like to or my neck starts to hurt, my arm goes “dead” and I lose part of my grip and feelings in my arm.

I now have two choices: work a long time without any breaks and give myself pain or work with breaks and have no pain.

As health is more important than money I obviously choose to take breaks whilst working. I can still work long hours per day on a computer but certainly not as long as I'd like in order not to make my condition worse.

I am not telling you this out of self-pity as I am very happy with the success I have achieved with my business.

I am telling you this so you won't make the same mistake!

I decided to use what I learned about the serious need to take short and longer breaks during my computer work day to good use. I created a break reminder software so I would not forget to take a break and further harm my health!


The simplest solution to help you protect your health and remember to take a break!

The Break Reminder Software automatically 'reminds you'
when you need to take a short or a longer break!

What Break Reminder Software does:

This innovative software helps you stay safe, and helps create healthier work habits at your computer. The break reminder software allows you to set "mini-breaks" and even creates longer "maxi-breaks" to help you ward off the negative effects of working too long without a break!

Break Reminder Software works to help you prevent harm to your body due to overworking without a break. The software alerts you to when it is time to take a rest break and when mini-breaks and maxi-breaks are needed. It's simple to install and easy to set the break times you desire and even cancel all the set breaks if you need to.

Here's how it works after installation of Break Reminder Software:


This software uses the Standard Windows Style Setup Installation Wizard.

3 Step - 3 Click Installation in a Snap!

(Sorry this is not available for Apple computers.)



Here's how to set your breaks:


As soon as the Break Reminder Software is installed (in a matter of seconds) then it automatically opens to allow you to select your settings. (The software auto runs each time you start your computer.)

When the software is running you will see a clock in the lower right of your computer's system tray. Simply by double clicking the clock you easily open the software to edit, change break settings, or colors of the break screen or even block the software from running.




The Breaks Tab:


Allows you to configure the interval for when the break reminder will remind you that it's time to take a break. You simply set the 'break' you want, how long the break is and how often the break should appear.


break reminder software

If you don't want to be able to close a break when it pops up, then you can check the check box to "Do not allow me to ignore break". This protects your health and makes sure you take a break when needed. If you use this setting then the "X" Close icon on the upper right box is invisible, so you can not close the box and start using the computer until the break time has elapsed.


How to disable your breaks:


You can completely disable the breaks by checking the "Disable breaks" box. (But remember if you decide to disable your breaks your software will not keep reminding you to take a break and you could suffer from repetitive stress injury.


Easily make changes to the break notice screen:


You can completely customize the colors, fonts and font sizes of your break notice.

(A simple "X" Close icon at the upper right closes the break box notice.)


Break Reminder Software is like an 'intelligent computer friend' who helps you be more productive due to feeling more refreshed after taking a health break and assists in protecting your body from repetitive stress injury.


You can relax because you are doing all you can to help remember to take a much needed break and  minimize your health risks due to over-working while -- maximizing the amount of work you get done!

The "Break Reminder Software" helps to minimize the down time you may experience from hours lost from your work day due to pain from over working stress. Conscientiously using the "Break Reminder Software" can help prevent problems with possible injury which could cause you to lose valuable work time.


Be smart, be proactive and take a 'break'
take care of yourself and safeguard your health!


Prevent overworking which can result in permanent health problems...


Here's more sad but true stories of people who overworked their bodies and failed take proper care of their health by refusing to take a rest and proper breaks. Read on to see the irreparable harm overworking did...


    "I was in tears from the aching pain..."

"I developed a repetitive strain injury in both hands, wrists, arms, shoulders and neck from excessive mouse use and typing on my keyboard. I was in constant pain if I used my computer for any length of time and it caused me to lose time at work.

I was in tears from the aching pain. The hospital physiotherapist told me  it was unlikely I would recover fully from the damage I had done to my body. I spent hundreds of pounds visiting the doctors,  chiropractors, and massage therapists to try to get rid of the pain.

I began to wonder if I could ever work again. In time using the prescribed stretching exercises, and special relaxation techniques with customized massage therapy combined all helped reduce the pain. One of the best things I did to keep the pain away was to use this break software. I know by creating mandatory timed breaks this helped to allow me to ease back into working on a computer again."

~ Leah Hutchinson


      "This is critical to help prevent irreversible damage to your body from too many hours working on a computer."

"I have been an IT Analyst, hunching over a keyboard for hours and hours, I have suffered from pain in my neck, back and shoulders for years. I am sure is what caused nerve damage to my neck. I have been told by my doctor it will take a long time of expensive physical therapy to help reduce this pain for good.

So, if you're young, correct your posture - and if you're not so young take advice on correcting your posture and taking breaks. I wouldn't wish this pain on anyone.

One of the best things I did was install this timed break software, it reminds me to take a break and stop over working. This is critical to help prevent irreversible damage to your body from too many hours working on a computer."

~ Don Cowan, IT Analyst


      "Nothing is worth suffering in pain like I did."

"I was working as a game designer when I first felt pain in my thumbs and wrists. I ignored it, thinking or hoping it would go away, and continued to work at my normal pace. I had recently changed jobs and didn’t want to cause any problems.

Working on a computer designing games for a living I was putting in sixteen or more hours a day and I knew I was way overdoing it. I soon realised the pain was getting worse and worse and nothing I did seemed to help!

It got to the stage that I couldn’t use the mouse or type more than a few minutes at a time. That's when I found this software. I installed it to see if it would help me. In a couple of days I noticed a big difference in the reduction of pain in my thumbs and less stiffness in my neck.

Try this software you'll be glad you did. Nothing is worth suffering in pain like I did."

~ Kurt Edwards, Game Designer


        "I ignored my pain, thinking or hoping it would go away."

" I was 22 and working as a legal secretary when I first felt pain in my arms. I ignored my pain, thinking or hoping it would go away and continued to work at my normal pace. I had recently changed jobs and didn't want to cause any problems. However, typing for six or seven hours a day I soon realised the pain was getting worse. I continued working for about six months then my employer put me off work. I got to the stage that I couldn't type more than a few minutes at a time and couldn't keep up with the workload.

They didn't have any light duties for me nor did they want to re-instate me unless I could type as much as I had previously. In the end, they legally terminated my employment after I had been off work for six months"

~ Source: RSI & Overuse Injury Assoc. of ACT


        "It pains me to write this-literally."

" I pains me to write this - literally. My neck is crooked, one of my wrists feels like it has been trapped in a car door and there's a rapidly calcifying knot of nastiness lurking around my right shoulder blade... This is the price one pays for hammering a keyboard like Jerry Lee Lewis all day, every day for 15 years.....

Having blown all my wages on remedies, it seems the only real way to alleviate the ailment is to type less, which isn't easy when your entire working existence takes place electronically, you have book deadlines to meet and writing is all you can do.

~ Source: Ben Myers in the Guardian 17,Sept. 2010


Using this Break Reminder software is the single best thing that helped me get my life back, and no longer have to deal with constant pain while running my business...

This is such a simple solution to helping prevent respective stress injury from computer- related device use, I could almost slap myself for not buying it and using it many years ago!

This simple software solution to helping end my RSI-related symptoms was worth any cost to me, because being almost pain free while running my business meant I could enjoy working on my computer again!

If you've been suffering with pain from over-working then you know what I am talking about.

If you have consulted your doctor or herbalist for a 'pain-reduction cure' they most likely filled you up on pain-relieving medicines and herbs that don't address the real problem that is causing your pain!

Which is your body can't recover from the stress you are piling on it!

It all boils down to if you don't do something to reduce the stress you are giving your body by over-doing repetitive tasks then you will suffer irreparable damage to possibly your spine and vertebrae or have problems with carpel-tunnel and require painful surgery.

(And expensive surgery is not always a permanent cure either!)

The truth is...

You can help prevent problems with RSI (repetitive-stress-injury) and avoid irreversible damage to your body with a simple, easy to install software that you can have for just pennies!

Still not sure? Look, I want to make buying this software and protecting your vital health a total no-brainer for you, so I've decide to add my...

I am so sure you will feel so much better and experience less pain while working on your computer and computer related devices that I am offering to you a 100% satisfaction guarantee that can't be beat!

Try it for 60 days. Put this software to the test.

If you are not satisfied for any reason within 60 days of purchase, simple contact Clickbank and they will instantly refund every penny you paid, with absolutely no questions asked.

If you don't like it for any reason, then I don't deserve your money.

All I ask is you try it and see, I don't think I could make any offer that would be any fairer than that.

Try it now.

Put the Break Reminder Software to the test for 60 days and start enjoying the benefits of getting "mini-breaks" and "maxi-breaks" during your computer working days and feeling more refreshed at the end of your day!

Plus, you can feel even better about yourself, as you enjoy more productivity and feel less tired at the end of your work day because you took "the breaks your body needed" and prevented serious harm from repetitive stress injury.

So what are you waiting for? You have everything to gain and absolutely nothing to lose, except your pain!


Only $47

(approx. 29, Euro35.5)

After you "Click the Add To Cart Button", and your order is processed,
you will receive the software. After ordering you can immediately download the software
and install it in seconds on your computer. There is no shipping charges, no waiting!
Even at 4AM in the morning you can order the software.

(Sorry this is not available for Apple computers.)

To your reduced pain!

Christine Clayfield

P.S. I know what it's like suffering with pain trying to work day after day, feeling exhausted and not knowing what to do about it.

I'm absolutely confident my Break Reminder Software will work for you, to help remind you to take a 'healthy break" just like it does for me each day I use it. I want you to try it for 60 days absolutely risk-free!

You've got absolutely no reason not to buy it. Put my Break Reminder Software to the test and help your body stay healthy and feel less pain by taking a well-deserved break!

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